Making some minor modifications have impacted heavenly on the Audi models. With every generation of new cars coming to life and new specifications being added, the Audi comes out to ride again with better performance and a stylish body. Our Audi Q8 car rental in Dubai has it all. The extraordinary speed, the massive inner space, chic material interior, and almost unlimited features. If you want to live up to this city’s expectations, you need an Audi Q8 car rental in Dubai from us at VIP Rent a Car.

Audi Q8 Car Rental in Dubai

Nothing feels better than the sweet smell of a fresh new Audi at your disposal. With a car rental like this, you can visit the beach, go to the mall, take long road trips to nearby cities, and still get the chance to cruise under the night skies of Dubai. The Audi Q8 car rental in Dubai is your gateway to a luxurious life.

Specs and Details of Audi Q8

We’re all about the specs and features any car presents when it’s on the streets of Dubai. We won’t offer you an underperforming and rusty car, and it doesn’t fit the profile for living in Dubai anyways. That’s why we have the spectacular Audi Q8 car rental in Dubai.


This fascinating vehicle has an amazing white color finish on the exterior of its body that is simple yet classy at the same time. You can definitely count on Audi to bring true elegance to your personality and fancy. Furthermore, it has a stunning brown interior with 5 seats and enough legroom to take long, comfortable trips around the UAE. The Audi Q8 can also carry almost all your luggage and storage items in the trunk, as it has almost 31 cubic feet of space in the back. You can consider this car to be a family car as well.


On the other hand, when this car hits the streets, it produces massive power and exciting performance that thrills you enough to drive around for hours. It has a 3.0-liter v-6 engine that bursts an amazing 335 horsepower, makings it an excellent car for steep hills and bumpy roads. It also comes equipped with a hybrid-assist system that helps it beak easily and quickly without damaging any of the car’s mechanics.