Cadillac Escalade


Cadillac Escalade

A sign of true elegance and fancy taste, with a pinch of classy personality, emerges when you get this Cadillac Escalade rental. A car that resembles massive power and exotic chic character can be found in our Cadillac Escalade rental from VIP Rent a Car company. This extraordinary piece of machinery is your stairway to heaven as you glide on the roads of the modern city of Dubai.

Cadillac Escalade Rental in Dubai

You can taste the sweet experience of modern-day classiness with a car like this. It’s comfortable around the turns, effortless to drive, and provides enormous power that can conquer all obstacles in its way. The Cadillac Escalade rental is indeed an elegant luxury car at first sight. When it comes to putting its cards on the table, this vehicle can do it all!


So, if you’re considering renting a Cadillac Escalade, then we suggest you give us a call or come on down and check the one we have right here at VIP.

The Specs of Cadillac

Before renting our Cadillac Escalade rental, let us run you by the few specifications of what you’ll be dealing with as soon as you get behind this glorious car. After all, what good is a luxury car if it can’t show some muscle on the roads?


Let’s look at the Cadillac Escalade rental car’s exterior and interior design to start this overview. It has a black colour body style, five doors, and a classy body design to intimidate everyone that glances at your car. The Cadillac Escalade’s interior is even more breathtaking as the brown leather fabrics of this 7-seater car will truly put you at ease. The Escalade cargo space and trunk storage are massive enough to fit your room there (figuratively speaking). It has 25.5 cubic feet of storage space and 109.1 cubic feet of space in the car’s entire area.


The technical aspect of this luxury SUV is to die for. It has a 6.2-litre V8 engine that provides massive power for an exceptional 420 horsepower. Escalade also comes with an automatic 10-speed transmission and can reach 60 miles per hour in just 6 seconds. You can leave your mark on the streets with a car like the Cadillac Escalade rental.

Make It a VIP Rental

Rely on us and get the best car rentals in the market for your tremendous driving experience in Dubai. Enjoy all the sights and fun activities with our Cadillac Escalade rental from VIP Rent A Car. Take the family on a road trip and enjoy the excellent shining stars under the night sky of Dubai with each late-night cruise.
Rent a Cadillac Escalade from us and live your life to the fullest.

How much to rent Cadillac Escalade in Dubai?

Cadillac Escalade rental Dubai starts from 900 AED and reaches up to 1500 AED depending on the model of the car.

Is Cadillac Escalade good for off-road adventures?

Yes. This spectacular car model is perfect for all purposes. Cadillac Escalade is best suited for off-road adventures.