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Based on our experience, GatewayToDubai knows the the offering school search services is an essential part for  expats relocating to Dubai with children. 

Access to quality education:

Finding the right school for their children is a top priority for many expat families. Dubai has a wide range of schools, including
international schools that offer a high standard of education. By providing school search services, our expat packages can help families access quality
education for their children.

Local knowledge:

Expats who are new to Dubai may not be familiar with the local education system, curriculum, or admission processes. With our school search services we can provide families with expert guidance and support, helping them understand the different options available and making informed
decisions about their children’s education.

Admissions support:

The admissions process for schools in Dubai can be complex, time-consuming and should be organized in advance. GatewayToDubai
can provide families with support and assistance throughout the admissions process, from preparing applications to scheduling school visits and interviews.


Searching for the right school can be a time-consuming process, involving research, school visits, and consultations. We save families time and reduce the stress associated with school selection. In addition, this process has to be aligned with the search for your next home in order to be prepared for
the day-to-day family business.

Overall, offering school search services is crucial for ensuring that families have access to quality education, providing expert guidance and support throughout the school selection process, and saving families time and reducing stress associated with school search.

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