Ferrari 488 Spider


Ferrari 488 Spider

If you want to have an exciting and thrilling adventure in the UAE, you need to rent Ferrari 488 Spider in Dubai. Visiting the great sights this city offers would be amazing with the right car. We here at VIP have always provided the best vehicles in the market for your satisfaction. Nothing gets by us, for we strive to bring forth a better driving experience and luxury cars. Comfortable driving, outstanding performance, and easy handling are the Ferrari 488 Spider rental Dubai characteristics.

Ferrari 488 Spider Rental Dubai

Imagine yourself driving down the road while you catch the attention of everyone you pass. Extraordinary, right? You deserve to live in luxury and experience all this city offers. All it takes is a simple car rental from us at VIP, and you’ll be living in luxury sooner than you know it.

Specifications and The Best Features

Elegance and substantial power are a few things that this Ferrari 488 Spider offers. A few of its marvellous specs and best features will convince you to rent Ferrari 488 Spider in Dubai.


It all starts with the looks and style of this vehicle. Our Ferrari 488 Spider has a stunning red paint job and a low-profile body design. The aerodynamics of this beauty gives it the needed boost to provide mind-blowing speed on the streets. Furthermore, the interior is breathtaking. With two seats and a beautifully coloured fabric design, the Ferrari is all you need and more in a sports car.


It is moving onto the more technical and engineering aspect of the Ferrari 488 Spider. Our exotic vehicle isn’t called powerful and unique for nothing. This marvellous automobile can provide massive speed with its twin-turbo V8 3.9-litre engine. Thanks to its horsepower of 661 hp, it can reach a top speed of 205 miles per hour and accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 3 seconds. It’s also an easy car to handle because of its 561 lb-ft torque power.


However, you might want to be more careful with a powerful car like this. If you decide to rent Ferrari 488 Spider in Dubai, be responsible for how you handle this delicate vehicle.