Mercedes-Benz S500


Mercedes-Benz S500

If you’re seeking to have some fun in a luxurious car model, you need to try out this beauty. The perfect Mercedes-Benz S500 comes with an excellent shape that puts you in the spotlight. Along with that, it performs remarkably on every road with excellent stability. Its performance and appearance are so remarkable that you would appreciate it. At the same time, it comes with a great power that will also turn your adventure into a dream coming true.

The Luxury you Need

This remarkable Mercedes-Benz S500 model comes with a breathtaking DOHC 24-valve inline-6 engine. It delivers up to 429 hp @ 5500 rpm horsepower and 384 lb-ft @ 1800 rpm torque. Which means the greatest power you seek behind the wheel of a luxury model. It also runs smoothly with the 9-speed automatic transmission and 128 mph top speed. Despite how amazing it is, it also comes with many safety and entertainment features that you will enjoy on the road. The entertainment features selection includes air conditioning, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and more!

Are you seeking to admire your adventure and turn your trip into a pleasing one? Do you need to prioritize your satisfaction? Rent this beauty from us! Its stunning appearance and excellent performance will make your ride memorable. It will impress you with every wheel spin. But do you dare to ride with such power and luxury?

Have a Great Adventure!

With VIP Car Rental’s team and fascinating car models, your experience in the UAE is always a pleasing one. We aim to present our happy clients with complete satisfaction through their adventures. It looks astonishing and acts remarkable, and we offer it for a great price! With us, riding a luxurious car doesn’t have to be a waste of money! Give us a call and get your Mercedes-Benz S500.