Feel the wind in your hair and on your face with an extraordinary car like this. Live the excitement to the fullest as you glide down the roads of Dubai. What are we talking about? We’re addressing our famous and surprisingly good Porsche Boxster. Rent Porsche Boxster in Dubai today and feel the exciting experience and adrenaline rush take over your body. You won’t get enough of this magnificent vehicle; you won’t even want to leave your seat as soon as you get into it.

Rent Porsche Boxster Dubai

Start living the journey how it’s supposed to be lived and rent Porsche Boxster in Dubai from us here at VIP. Porsche always provides great specifications and the best features in its vehicle. Thus, when it came to creating an extraordinary exotic car, they went on and made this Porsche Boxster make your driving experience ever the more enjoyable. Explore what this modern city has to offer in a splendid car like this.

Specification and Features

The fact is that Porsche has always spent a substantial amount of time on each of their car models to provide great and exceptional performance. Each of their car models has the best features and specs in the automobile industry, thanks to their careful attention to detail. That’s why we are recommending that you hire this car because we know what this car is capable of.


Our car has an amazing snowy white color finish on the entire body, and you can see the elegant leather inside the car, thanks to its topless roof option. It has a low body that gives it the perfect speed boost thanks to aerodynamic technology. The Interior is made of the finest leather fabrics and colored in red to give it an edgy look. It has two seats and 2 doors which is more than enough to have a wild night when you rent Porsche.


Performance is key when it comes to the manufacturing of the Porsche Boxster model. This car has a turbocharged 2.5-liter engine with horsepower that can reach 350 hp. It comes with a seven-speed automatic transmission that brings out that burst of fiery speed onto the roads. With this kind of power, you can take on the world and become king of the streets.