Range Rover Sport


Range Rover Sport

Don’t you ever dream about having the chance to enjoy a trip that’s filled with nothing to worry about while experiencing the joy? Or to be able to relax and relish cruising in a car model that completely fits your desires? If that’s a yes, then welcome to your dreamland, where power meets elegance. Here at VIP Car Rental, we offer you the most spectacular Range Rover Sport that can steal your heart and fascinate your mind. As soon as you get behind its wheel and turn the engine on, you will be surprised by how amazingly astonishing it can make you feel.

Rent Range Rover Sport

Despite how amazing it performs, it also comes in a glamorous design on both the inside and the outside. With our VIP Car Rental, nothing can hold you back from driving your dream car for as long as you want and for the most affordable prices. For us, every car model we offer should be astonishing. We offer you nothing less than satisfying Range Rover models that you will admire.

Why This Car?

The remarkable Range Rover Sport comes with a powerful 5,0 l V8 engine that delivers 518 hp @ 6,000 rpm (386 kW) max power and 461 lb·ft @ 2,500 – 5,500 rpm (625 N·m) max torque. That’s why it’s considered one of the most reliable car models you can ever try riding. It also comes with an automatic transmission to ease your road trips. It features USB and audio input, Bluetooth, and GPS navigation and comes with an air conditioner. While you enjoy your trip, this spectacular car will be taking good care of you by providing you with maximum comfort, satisfaction, and delight.

We offer this astonishing model in a lovely shade combined with the most incredible interior. With this car model from our VIP Car Rental, all you need or want can be achievable. It also comes with four doors and five seats which means it’s suitable for any family/friend’s road trip! Whether you’re looking for the perfect car model for a business trip or a holiday with the people you love most, this is the perfect car.